Monday, January 24, 2011


So I met my first milestone with my dissertation; submitting my proposal. Now beings the hard part - waiting for my committee to make changes. They have 3 more business days from today to submit their suggestions. I am passing the time by completing the house cleaning I started last year.

One of my resolutions was to start eating more vegetables. I signed up for a CSA-type company that delivers organic vegetables to my door. The reason why I say CSA-type is because they are not local however in- state. My local CSA’s do not start back until May. So, I signed up for the small basket and got my first delivery last Thursday. This is what I got:

Two Pounds -Yams, Garnett
2 Garlic
1One Pound -Broccoli
4 Pears, Danjou
6 Apple, Fuji
1 Lime
4 Tangerines
4 Oranges, Cara
1 Kiwi
18 oz -Salad Mix Greens
18 oz. -Spinach, Baby
10 oz.Mushrooms, Crimini

I must say that I was very impressed with my basket however I think I waited too long to decide what to do with my mushrooms. I do not regularly eat them so I looked at them for the past 3 days. Now that I have a recipe in mind, I researched and found that fresh mushrooms should be eaten with 2 – 3 days. Hmmm

Tomorrow, I get another delivery. Apparently my date changed from Thursday to Tuesday. Normally you can change what is in your basket a couple of days before. Since my date changed, I was too late. So this is what I am getting:

24 oz -Potatoes, Red
1Onions, Yellow
1 Pound -Broccoli
5 Pears, Bosc
4 Apples, Gala
1 Lemon
5 Oranges, Hamlin
1 Lettuce, Boston Bib
20 oz -Bok Choy, Baby
9-12oz.Mushrooms, Portobello
1 Pint -Tomatoes, Grape
5 Royal Mandarines

I am looking forward to this batch because I have always wanted to experiment with Bok Choy and grape tomatoes.

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