Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Darn you popcorn


I ordered a crate of popcorn (12 bags) for my son's teachers and busdrivers. This popcorn is so delicious and I have 12 different flavors. They were a hit last year so I decided why not.

I got them a week ago and the little toddler has been floor surfing with the box since then. I decided to put it in my pantry. Every time I went in there it was calling me. So I said that I would have just ONE bag and split it with the big toddler (I MUST find him a name). We split it but then I didn't feel satisfied. Now I am on my second bag. To my advantage, it is only a small bag. However, now I feel bad. I let a back of popcorn take me in!! sigh

I would start giving them out now but he has a week left in school. Hmmm... I can't freeze them because they are already popped. Oh I got it! I am going to put them over the stove. Since I am short, I am going to have to use a chair to hide them. I definitely won't be tempted to sneak anymore because I do not like the toddlers to see me standing on chairs. Plus the hubby will question my motives once he sees me take the chair to the kitchen.

Yes, I have a plan!

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