Thursday, December 9, 2010

I spy with my little eye

Learning the right portion sizes is one thing. Learning the right sizes and carbohydrate portions is another thing. It is amazing how many grams of carbohydrates are in a portion. Take for instance the innocent steel cut oatmeal. Usually I would eat one serving with fruit for breakfast. Unfortunately, I have just learned that one serving is 35 grams of carbohydrates…whoops. Considering the fact that I am restricted to 35 carb grams per meal, I am at a lost. If I cut the portion size, which is just a cup, in half and substitute it with fruit, I do not feel satisfied.

When I started this journey, I learned that a portion size was the size of my fist. So my protein, vegetables and starch were about the size of a deck of cards. Now with my handy scale, I feel that I am eating for a rabbit. Since I also have a slow thyroid, I need to make sure that each meal has enough protein.

I have literally been on an energy and carbohydrate rollercoaster for the past three months. I have now decided to turn to my trusty calorie counting and nutrition application for my meal planning. Of course, I have to rely on their database for food calculation or put it in myself. However, it must be done. Planning my daily meals at night is something that I can do when the toddlers go to sleep at night. Granted my snacks and other food are already portion sizes for quick meals but now I have to turn into somewhat a forensic eater.

Just think, I always wanted to be a detective ;-)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Darn you popcorn


I ordered a crate of popcorn (12 bags) for my son's teachers and busdrivers. This popcorn is so delicious and I have 12 different flavors. They were a hit last year so I decided why not.

I got them a week ago and the little toddler has been floor surfing with the box since then. I decided to put it in my pantry. Every time I went in there it was calling me. So I said that I would have just ONE bag and split it with the big toddler (I MUST find him a name). We split it but then I didn't feel satisfied. Now I am on my second bag. To my advantage, it is only a small bag. However, now I feel bad. I let a back of popcorn take me in!! sigh

I would start giving them out now but he has a week left in school. Hmmm... I can't freeze them because they are already popped. Oh I got it! I am going to put them over the stove. Since I am short, I am going to have to use a chair to hide them. I definitely won't be tempted to sneak anymore because I do not like the toddlers to see me standing on chairs. Plus the hubby will question my motives once he sees me take the chair to the kitchen.

Yes, I have a plan!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Success..soft of

Thanksgiving was a rousing success. My family even took leftovers home. Now to Christmas planning… let the fun being!

Oh, about my goal to have an active Thanksgiving holiday. Well, the toddler got sick and had a fever of 102 all weekend. He did not even eat Thanksgiving dinner which should have been a clue. We nursed him back to health and on Monday we all went mall walking. The days when we were home the hubby and the other son (which I need to get a nickname for) went to the basement to jump on the trampoline. So they got exercise in after all.

I broke down yesterday and got a kitchen scale. After two weeks of losing nothing and following my plan the best I could, I decided that my portion sizes must be way off. The scale is nothing fancy, just the store brand which does ounces and grams. Once I get sophisticated with meals, I might move up to a programmable one.
If anyone out there has a kitchen scale, which one do you simply LOVE?