Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Vegetarian Holiday

Preparing for the holidays is such a relief for me. Why? It helps me stay in control.
I have started beginning to think about Thanksgiving dinner. I have the “honor” of it being hosted at my house. Since my family is about 75% vegetarian while the hubby is 100% vegetarian, you would think that this would present a challenge. Honestly, it does not. However that did not start the complaining ALREADY about the menu. Some of the questions / comments – “are we having tofu mac and cheese?”; “what are we eating?”; “can I bring the meat?”; “I do not know about this – are restaurants open in your city?” ; “I do not understand what is going on!”

I can understand the concerns because before started down this journey, I thought it was only filled with eating tofu 1000 ways. True, a lot of the recipes and meat substitutes in the stores are soy based, however that is not how we do it. We try to use natural, unprocessed, soy-free food. No soy because of my thyroid condition which is now a blessing in disguise. We are now free to recreate and discover the world of clean eating.

I explained to my peeps that our dinner will be just like a meatless dinner. We are just replacing the meat with vegetables. Here is my menu:

“Turkey” loaf made from mushrooms
Greens with vegetable broth instead of meat
Macaroni and cheese with butternut squah
Stuffing with cranberries and mushrooms
Zucchini loaf
Vegan apple pie (ordered from local vegan bakery)
Fresh fruit bowl

Doesn’t this sound yummy? I will let you know how it goes.

So what will be on your plate?

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