Thursday, November 25, 2010

Goble Goble

Happy holidays everyone!

My goal this year is to have an active holiday. By active I do not mean walking back and forth from the kitchen with a plate. It is also not walking back and forth from the television to the kitchen. To me, it is an organized effort to get some exercise. I have yet decided if shopping at the mall the day after Thanksgiving qualifies.

We previously decided that we were going to do the turkey trot this year. So as I am registering us, the hubby asked why I had my wallet out. I told to pay the registration fees. His reply .. “we have to pay to walk down the street?” I tried to explain to him that we were walking for a cause. He still was not impressed that we had to pay “to walk around the block”. Thus my goal for the trot will be delayed until next year – ha!

Currently it is raining heavily here; it started last night. I am still planning for us to get outside and do some form of activity. I weighed myself this morning and I know my starting point for the holidays. I will not be taken in by our pumpkin cupcakes ;-)

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