Thursday, November 25, 2010

Goble Goble

Happy holidays everyone!

My goal this year is to have an active holiday. By active I do not mean walking back and forth from the kitchen with a plate. It is also not walking back and forth from the television to the kitchen. To me, it is an organized effort to get some exercise. I have yet decided if shopping at the mall the day after Thanksgiving qualifies.

We previously decided that we were going to do the turkey trot this year. So as I am registering us, the hubby asked why I had my wallet out. I told to pay the registration fees. His reply .. “we have to pay to walk down the street?” I tried to explain to him that we were walking for a cause. He still was not impressed that we had to pay “to walk around the block”. Thus my goal for the trot will be delayed until next year – ha!

Currently it is raining heavily here; it started last night. I am still planning for us to get outside and do some form of activity. I weighed myself this morning and I know my starting point for the holidays. I will not be taken in by our pumpkin cupcakes ;-)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Vegetarian Holiday

Preparing for the holidays is such a relief for me. Why? It helps me stay in control.
I have started beginning to think about Thanksgiving dinner. I have the “honor” of it being hosted at my house. Since my family is about 75% vegetarian while the hubby is 100% vegetarian, you would think that this would present a challenge. Honestly, it does not. However that did not start the complaining ALREADY about the menu. Some of the questions / comments – “are we having tofu mac and cheese?”; “what are we eating?”; “can I bring the meat?”; “I do not know about this – are restaurants open in your city?” ; “I do not understand what is going on!”

I can understand the concerns because before started down this journey, I thought it was only filled with eating tofu 1000 ways. True, a lot of the recipes and meat substitutes in the stores are soy based, however that is not how we do it. We try to use natural, unprocessed, soy-free food. No soy because of my thyroid condition which is now a blessing in disguise. We are now free to recreate and discover the world of clean eating.

I explained to my peeps that our dinner will be just like a meatless dinner. We are just replacing the meat with vegetables. Here is my menu:

“Turkey” loaf made from mushrooms
Greens with vegetable broth instead of meat
Macaroni and cheese with butternut squah
Stuffing with cranberries and mushrooms
Zucchini loaf
Vegan apple pie (ordered from local vegan bakery)
Fresh fruit bowl

Doesn’t this sound yummy? I will let you know how it goes.

So what will be on your plate?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I love to walk!

Has it really been that long since I have been here? I knew I was busy but goodness the time has flown.

Yes I am still working on my dissertation..blah blah blah

However I came here to talk about my love of walking; specifically mall walking. I have been doing this regularly for the past couple of months. I have missed a couple of days for various reasons but I have been pretty consistent. Rain or shine, even if I am dead tired, I drive to the mall. Of course during my ride to the mall, I am going over all the reasons in my head while it may be better for me to go home and get in those extra hours of sleep before my little one comes back from school. By the time I rationalize it with myself, I am already in the mall parking lot and it would be such a waste to turn around ;-)

Anyhoo, I realize that my body likes it when I walk. I NEED to get out in the morning and do something. If not, I am dragging throughout the day. Given I already have a thyroid problem that is sapping my energy, it is imperative that I get up and do something every day. This is where mall walking came to life.

Where I leave, we have harsh winters and sometimes working out in front of the television gets boring. I could go down into the basement and do the cross training machine but it is so cold in the morning. So I decided to look for some place where I could just simply walk.

I found out that the mall down the street opens an hour earlier for walkers. I thought this was the perfect answer. Now I find that it is funny. Why? I am the youngest person among the morning walkers. As a matter of fact, I could be everyone’s granddaughter. When I first started walking, they sincerely thought that I was trying to walk fast to get to a store. However when I completed my first loop, they thought I was scanning the mall for sales. Now months later, I get waves, smiles and nods.

Here are some simple benefits about walking.

1. It prevents type 2 diabetes
2. It strengths your heart
3. It is good for your brain
4. It is good for your bones
5. It alleviates symptoms of depression
6. It reduces the risk of breast and color cancer
7. It improves fitness
8. It improves physical function
9. It is FREE!

When was the last time you had a good walk?