Friday, May 28, 2010

Brain Dump

There are many things going on in my head right now. I need to make a brain dump so that I can "move on".

Getting this doctoral degree is harder than I thought. Ok, so I downplayed the mental exhaustion..ooops. In addition, why is my mentor always taking a month holiday? Yes, the entire month he is on "holiday".

Did you know that when you take a picture, it shows you how the world really sees you?

Why can't my kids sleep until 7am when their dad is out of town for work. I need to get some sleep!

Bodybugg oh bodybugg, where are you? No, seriously, WHERE ARE YOU?!?!? My toddler ran away with it last month and I have not seen it... AT...ALL. They need to put a locator thingy on it for times like these.

Watching the exercise channel does not count as DOING the exercise.

Just because you do not log your weight, does not mean it is not there.

If you are trying to become a vegetarian but eat mostly carbs, are you really a carbitarian?

I need to focus on making it through the day. Focusing on losing 2 lbs a weight is really hurting me because I trick myself into thinking I can cram my efforts into the last two days before weigh in and then am "shocked" that I did not lose any weight.

It does not matter that you have not met your target weight for June. Do not give up. This is a journey!