Thursday, April 29, 2010

Detox here I come

Yesterday I talked about starting detox. Well these are the reasons for this course of action. First, I believe that I am addicted to sugar. Yes, I know that there are natural sugars in food. However, I crave, simply CRAVE for refined sugar in things such as candy. Yep, I eat a bag every day. I usually have a breakdown at the end of the day if I try to avoid it. It is not a bag of chocolate but a bag of those sour cherry balls which are simply sugar balls coated red.

I also need to get some fruit and vegetables into my diet. If I am good, I will have one fruit smoothie a day which is a far cry from the 6 – 7 daily recommended amounts. I really need to get rid of my dependence on a carb laden diet and replace it with vegetables. Of course I know that my body will go into shock and will probably revolt. I am not going to replace all carbs but probably just switch them to the good ones. However, I cannot simply reduce the sugar / carbs while replacing them. I tried before and that method did not work. So I am going cold turkey.

The detox plan I will be going on is not a liquid one but it is basically a vegetarian diet for 9 days. I can have unlimited vegetables and fruit while limited items such as yogurt, eggs, brown rice and oatmeal. I know that I will not be lacking any nutrients because I will eat many variations of beans and vegetables. The only battle that I will have to fight is the one in my mind.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mommy....are you a hippo?

Say WHAT?!?!?!?

Yes, my dear son, who is now learning about the exotic animals, came up to me and asked me yesterday.... Mommy are you a HIPPO?!?!?!

I swear my heart fainted.

That was the wake up called I need. Today I start detox to give me a jump start...again.

I will post more about it later because I am off to play group with the kiddos.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My food revolution

I was going to respond to Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on the same night, but I was not able to watch it all. The kiddies were acting up. So finally after watching the episodes I Tivo’d, all I can say is that I am very saddened.

First, the reason why I am so interested in this show is because my oldest son is turning 4 this summer. This means that kindergarten is right around the corner. I am trying to prepare and educate myself about everything elementary school. Food seems like the first and logical choice for me. It is something I can control. How? More talk about it later but back to my review of the show.

I am absolutely disgusted, angry, saddened, upset, and everything else about what we are serving our children at school. Let’s get serious; it is not even real food. From box or plastic bag to our children’s mouths; it should not be acceptable. What makes me even madder is that the lunch ladies did not even seem bothered by it. Okay, I get it; you only make what you are told. However, what happened to voicing an opinion? What happened to being an advocate for our children? What about being concerned about what is going into our little one’s mouths?

I feel that this is something I can control. Why? If I can teach my sons how and what to eat, it will establish their foundation for wanting these types of foods. Likewise, if my children only see me eat pizza, burgers, and other things like that, they will crave them. Of course, I can make the healthy alternatives to them. My goal is to make sure that their taste buds recognize real healthy food versus the imitators. I want to empower them to choose real food. I want them to be able to identify real food and realize that it has color. Real food does not only come in the color brown – much like the food they were serving the children at school.

I know that I have a challenge ahead of me especially since my sons are swearing off veggies. However, I will not give up. That is why I have changed my terminology from weight loss to healthy eating. I do not want them to see me obsess over the calories, carbs and anything weight related. I want them to see my getting excited about picking out veggies at the farmers market and helping me make healthy dishes. I want them to see my living a healthy lifestyle. The weight will come off as a result of my choices.