Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What in the world!!!

I simply cannot believe this.

I have been trying to start my C2K program for a month now. I finally, FINALLY made it through the first week and I was feeling pretty good about it. What happens as I start my second week? The lamp globe that is over my light on the top of the stairs in my basement decides to fall..... yes just fall. I am at the bottom coming up the stairs, I hit the light switch, the lamp globe falls, bounces down the stairs and shatters all over the stairs while at the same time SLICING my ankle. Not my foot, not my thigh (I had on shorts) but my ANKLE!!!!!!!!!

I am bleeding all over the stairs. What is the first thing that comes out of my mouth? I wonder if I can still start my second week tomorrow. UGH!@!! Now I am all stitched up and can barely move my left food. Why oh why did it slice my ankle.... geez!

I was going to get mad. Then I said to myself this is a sign. Then I told myself to get a grip. I can still exercise the next 12 days (which is how long I was told to keep off my foot). It will just have to be yoga or ab work. I tried to find an excuse to just throw up my hands, but there are none. I can still exercise. So tomorrow, yoga here I come. If that is still too hard on my ankle, I can do abs.